Kitchen Must Haves

This is a “Work in Progress” more will be added as techniques are used and the recipes are posted.

This list is based on the things I have in my homes and I actually use.  Although I probably have every gadget known to woman for use in the kitchen.  You don’t have to spend a fortune to have a well stocked kitchen.  The local dollar stores sell all kinds of kitchen gadgets that are useful and so do your discount stores.

Silicone brush

Pastry brush I just buy the cheapest paint brushes I can find.  Just be careful, they do loose the bristles.

Hand mixer

Stand mixer – you don’t really have to have a stand mixer unless you make things that are rather heavy like bread or biscotti, even cookie dough can be hard to mix with a hand mixer, but it is possible.

Hand blender – I use this all the time for all kinds of things.  I prefer this to the regular blender, easier to clean.

Food processor – a good sized one, the little ones are handy but I find I don’t use it much.  Besides, how else will you make chimichurri sauce?

Bowls (mixing) – at least 3 regular bowls different sizes but I like to have more

Bowls (small) – I like to have lots of little bowls, they are good for preparing your ingredients for cooking and for serving appetizers at a party; dip, olive oil, peanuts, candy, etc.  (really good deals at the dollar store but don’t use them in the microwave)

Spice jars

Whisks – at least 3 sizes and one that does not scratch Teflon pots.  I use the little ones quite a lot too, although forks work too.

Cutting board – at least 2, one for things you have to cook and one for things that can be eaten raw.  You can have them in different colors or you can stencil or write on them to tell them apart.  Not glass, not hard plastic.  My favorite was purchased at a kitchen supply house.  It is a soft rubber/plastic material that is easily cleaned and does not dull your knives.  I got a big one and sawed them into 3 pieces.  1 large piece and two smaller ones.

Knives – you only really need 3.  A chef’s knife, a paring knife, and a bread knife.  You can always use a steak knife to cut bread.  Make sure you get a knife with a full tang; there are lots of web sites that can guide you to choosing the correct knife.  I don’t like knives with thin handles or handles that are slippery when wet.   What is good for one person is not good for another.  Start with a cheaper knife to get the feel of what you like, once you know, you can spend a little more money.  I recommend buying the knives separately instead of a set. 

Knife guards – to protect your knives

Measuring cups – for both wet and dry ingredients, I like having at least two sets of each (dollar store)

Measuring spoons – I like having at least two sets of these (dollar store)

Pastry scraper – I like having at least two, these are used to pick up cut up ingredients instead of using your knife and messing up the edge.

Serving dishes – all sizes and shapes, you can pick these up at thrift shops, it is nice to have a variety

Glass glassware – it tastes better in glass

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