Sabores Cafe – Great Party!

sabores cafe, Havana-spice
Sabores Café
My friends  Pepe & Daisy Diaz, have a restaurant in Doral (Miami) called Sabores Café.  My husband has known Pepe since his high school days.

Daisy is a fantastic cook and hostess.  We’ve enjoyed their company at many parties and dinners before they opened the restaurant.


Sabores Café has done really well and recently expanded.  To celebrate they threw one of their famous parties at the restaurant.  These guys know how to throw a party!  As always, we had a great time.

Did I tell you Daisy was a fantastic cook?  I took a ton of pictures of the food with my new camera.  Someone even asked me if I was professional photographer,  I guess they did not see me eating everything!

In a future post I will ask Daisy to be a guest chef and give us one of her fantastic recipes.  Until that time, go to Sabores Café and let me know your favorite dish.

Below are pictures of the Café and the party.

The menu is varied and eclectic, a real home cooked meal, if your family is an Ecuadorian, Greek, Italian, and Cuban mix.

Thank you Pepe and Daisy for the fantastic party!  Additional party photes on the Sabores Café Facebook Page.

Until next time,

Muá, Muá!
Tía Ruth

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